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GameSpot One of the world's largest gaming websites and a great source of video game news, reviews and previews, trailers and videos from various gaming platforms. Watch exclusive interviews, view strategy guides and hints and many more!
GameTrailers A website with a library of thousands of trailers for gamers to view. Read reviews and previews on the latest and up and coming games from different platforms. Get game demos, cheats or watch trailers.
CheatCC Most popular cheat code game website globally, serving millions cheat codes, walkthroughs and much more for all types of platforms and consoles. Read reviews and various articles from the gaming industry.
GamesRadar One of the premiere websites and destination for all the latest news in the gaming world. View hands on expert reviews, essential guides and walkthroughs from games on all the current platforms.
GameFAQs Games, videos, cheats, reviews, user feedback, message boards and answers are all on this website which has daily updates. The site covers gaming platforms old and new and shows users what is coming as well as current hot stuff.
Joystiq One of the leading website for news and information about games for almost any platform from PS3 to Kinect. The site pulls no punches and gives the true facts about patches and game bugs.
IGN The ultimate website for video game news, expert reviews and game trailers for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Android, etc. Find Cheat codes, walkthroughs, strategy guides and more.
Yahoo Games Providing news, previews and reviews on up and coming games, free demos and downloadable games. Visitors can also play free games online, with or without other users.
1UP Build to be a social networking website for gamers, offering featured stories, interviews, video game footage, screen shot galleries and more unique features that gamers really want.
Kotaku One of the largest web forums dedicated to gaming. Driven by user opinions, comments and game ratings, the site provides an online meeting place for gamers from all walks of life and all nations.
Game Front The website combines a huge library of games for virtually any platform with current news, information, blogs and forums. Whatever your involvement in gaming, you will find something to interest you here
CVG This is a website dedicated to consumer electronic games. It has current news, features, blogs and videos covering all of the main games consoles such as Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and of the PC. There is also an active forum.
GameSpot IGN GameTrailers Yahoo Games CheatCC 1UP GamesRadar Kotaku GameFAQs GAme Front Joystiq CVG
Shacknews This gaming website covers all major platforms with current news and previews of upcoming games and devices. It hosts one of the largest on- line communities of gamers, and is a great source of patches, upgrades and fixes.
Gamasutra An interesting website which focuses more on the techniques and technology of writing games professionally than on the games themselves. As such it provides features about and advice from the best in the business as well as educational articles.
PC GAMER Part of the online presence of a large publishing company, this website has extensive coverage of the modern gaming scene, and makes an excellent reference point for enthusiasts. It includes sections on news, reviews, previews, and free games.
Twin Galaxies A really cool website where users can find out how world record players are performing on a range of electronic games. Comparing personal scores against the best in the world is easy to do here.
Shacknews PC GAMER Gamasutra Twin Galaxies
PC Magazine Offers reviews of the latest games as well as the latest technological products. Browse through the sections on news, opinions, features and deals or search for a particular review. Every game reviewed is given a rating and a full description.
NowGamer Extensive reviews and details of games for most platforms including Xbox versions, PS4, PS3, Wii, IOS, Android and many more. Also has advance news of new games and their expected release dates.
PC Magazine NowGamer
Metacritic A complete gaming portal that has latest games releases from all companies. Complete reviews and critical analysis on each game. You can browse the games according to alphabets, recent releases and platform.